Why You Should Learn To Code

Learning to code may be more beneficial than you may think and I’m going to tell you why. Learning to code is the roots to many different potential side hustles/jobs.

Let’s first talk a little about code, there are different languages of code such as: Python, JavaScript, Swift, and many others. There are different languages of code to help with different tasks, for example Python is the main language for hackers, JavaScript is good for web development, and Swift is good for app development. That being said, there’s not really a “best” language. Python, JavaScript, and Swift are all relatively similar and great for beginners to learn, they are all general purpose.

What can I do with coding knowledge? There are many many different possible things you can do with coding. You can make websites, apps, programs for either yourself or others. You can become a developer, this is a high interest job that many companies will look for. You can really make a lot of money from being a developer for a company especially if you’re really good at it! Once you’ve learned a good amount of code, you can not only teach others but you can offer your services on freelance sites like Fiverr and UpWork.

Hacking. An image of someone in a dark room with a bright computer screen typing away probably was just pictured in your mind. Hackers have a negative stigma towards them, but this is actually something that you can make some money off of. Coding is the base to hacking (specifically Python) and may be a good skill to learn. I am NOT condoning or recommending any individual reading this to learn to hack to take advantage of other, but if you have heard of white hat hackers, then you know what I’m talking about. A white hat hacker is a hacker hired by different companies to test their security. If you can break through the security system and find any problems, you can actually get paid a lot of money. Easier said than done, this also takes time to learn but I just wanted to mention it because coding is the root of hacking.

What are some downsides? There can’t only be positives about coding. The main downside is that learning different languages will take a long time. And when I say a long time, I mean a LONG time. Don’t expect to start building apps and such right away because you won’t. Everyday you’ll be learning new things and you will have to be patient. Another thing is that there are also a lot of others that are doing the same thing as you, you have to stand out and offer specific and unique services to get potential jobs.




Student — Entrepreneur — Writer

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Student — Entrepreneur — Writer

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