Resell Hype Clothing!

Supreme, Off-White, Fear of God, and many more. These hype streetwear clothing brands are taking over resell markets more than ever! Just like reselling sneaker, you can do the same with clothing.

Making sure you are selective and careful that you’re only buying profitable items and not items that will just sit. Doing your research is key when it comes to knowing what is profitable and not. Remember knowledge is POWER. This phrase is key when it comes to reselling, the more you know the better off you’ll be.

I have recently gotten into reselling clothing and I think it’s quite a bit harder than reselling sneakers. The demand for sneakers is just much more significant that clothing and copping sneakers are quite easier than these clothing brands. Popular brands like Supreme are hard to buy unless you have bots so if you’re manually copping you will be able to pull off one or two items max by yourself.

That is not to say that this is something to avoid. This should be viewed as a side side hustle if that makes any sense. I don’t see how you can scale reselling clothing, but it definitely should be kept at the back of your head for some nice profit.

That is just my view on reselling clothing, I might be more bias towards sneakers just cause I know more and have more experience about them rather than clothing bringing back my point that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Like always keep on grinding and hope you all are having a great day!



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