Offer Your Services on! is a website/app that is very similar to Fiverr which many of you have heard. This is a lesser known freelancing site, however, it has great potential.

Your competition as a new freelancer of Fiverr is really high and you must wait for someone to offer you a job. While on Freelancer, people are able to reach out to you, but you are also allowed to bid on projects. You are able to search different topics for projects such as video editing or graphic design and different projects will pop up regarding those topics.

Those each project will have a price range and you are able to place a bid on that project any price in that range. I recommend when you’re starting out to place your bids as low as possible, remember just like any other freelance site you need to build up your rating which will make your life easier in the future.

Freelancing is a great side hustle that will actually bring decent money in. There are hundreds of different topics that you can freelance in so definitely give it a look and see if you are able to apply your skills on any of those topics and make some money from it!



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