New NFT Based Multiplayer RPG Game — Big Time

With many different NFT based games coming out recently, this brand new game is definitely one to keep an eye out for. This game has recently been gaining a huge following and I am really excited to see what this game has in store for many NFT enthusiasts.

This game has many interesting aspects within itself, and is clearly well planned out. Even without the NFT aspect of this game, I believe this game is one that would become popular and widely played game within the NFT/Crypto space.

Currently, it seems as though you are able to purchase different “Passes” on their Opensea. Here is the uses of these passes: “VIP passes grant players guaranteed early access to the game. This in turn gives players a head start in accessing game content where limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items can be found.

Jade VIP passes will unlock access to the next 8,000 players.

Silver VIP passes will unlock access to the next 3,000 players.

Gold VIP passes will give the earliest access to the first 1,000 players.”

As of now, these 3 different passes are the only items available on the market for purchase. Overall, solely based off the Opensea marketplace, this project is looking to perform fairly well. With the Gold passes selling for around 0.76 ETH, Silver passes selling for around 0.18 ETH, and Jade selling for around 0.08 ETH. With over 533 ETH traded overall, the volume for this project is huge.

Big Time has released their own article on the future of their marketplace, you can take a read here.

Let’s take a look at the team:

After taking a look at the main team, you can see that these are very quantified individuals for the job. I am extremely excited to see what the final product will look like with the various experiences each individual has to contribute.

Current Stats (10/25):

Twitter: 60k Followers

Discord: 235,000 Members


Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Opensea



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