Make Some $$ with Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a way businesses can get their product known through the use of individuals promoting their product in a way. There are many different affiliate marketing programs out there but I recommend Amazon’s affiliate program known as “Amazon Associates” as that’s probably the safest and easiest one to use. How it works is you sign up for an account, and after you do so you get to promote different products. If you have a YouTube channel or blog you run, I would highly recommend this. Let’s say for example you have a YouTube channel on different tech reviews with 20k subscribers. You review a product, and find that same product on the affiliate marketing platform and get an affiliate link for that product. You copy that link into your description and anyone who uses that specific link to buy the product will basically have small amount of that money go to your affiliate account. This will no way make you rich, but if you have a decent amount of followers on any platform really, and get people to use the link, you could make some decent passive side income!

Hope this gave you some good ideas on some passive incomes and don’t forget to keep grinding! :)

Amazon Affiliate Program.

Clickbank Affilate Program



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