Make $$ Reselling Sneaker Bots

If you’ve been in the sneaker game for sometime now, you’ve definitely heard about sneaker botting. Sneaker botting is basically a bot that buys sneakers for you. This is highly effective as most of the times when shoes drop, it is all about how fast you can check out. A bot will 100% of the times be faster than manual users.

Now you may ask, why doesn’t everyone just use bots? There’s actually a couple of reasons. Firstly, good bots are expensive and limited in stock (which is why you can resell them). Second, botting isn’t as easy as most people think, it takes time to learn.

Another thing is that many sites have bot protection methods, however, bot makers keep up with trends and find ways around it which is why it’s so hard to stop bots on sites. Shopify stores are most impacted by bots which is why it’s almost impossible to cop a pair if you’re a manual user. While Nike SNKRS has high bot protection because almost every drop has a raffle aspect in it. Why other stores won’t implement, I have no clue.

Okay, now let’s talk about reselling bots. There are thousands of bots out there, but there’s only a few that can be resold. You want to keep in mind that there are good bots such as NSB Bot, but it is not limited in stock so they can’t be resold. What you want to do is visit BotBroker and look for bots that have potential. Right now it looks like Cyber AIO is the highest ask for a bot at around $5000 when retail is 300 Euros. Balko Bot is another bot that is performing really well. Its resell price is looking around $1800s and retail is $360.

To find these bots, you’re going to need Twitter. Follow the bots’ Twitters and turn on their post notifications. Occasionally they will say they are restocking and that’s your chance to get the bot at retail. A lot of people are going to go for those high end bots so you’re going to have to be fast.

Where you can resell bots is BotBroker, Bot Mart (this is a discord server), and Tidal Marketplace (also a discord server). These are all trusted sites with a middle man service to ensure a smooth and safe transaction.



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