Earn Crypto DAILY — hi Dollars

“hi Dollars are your access key to the world of hi, and allows you to gain several benefits:

  • The more hi Dollars you hold, the higher your membership tier and the better your benefits
  • hi Dollars are minted daily based on the size of hi’s membership base, and unlock over 4 years.
  • hi Dollars have several use cases:
  • Earn yield of up to 40% APY
  • Send money across chat platforms, free and instantly
  • Exchange whenever, whatever with no fees or markups
  • Get Access to lifestyle benefits and digital subscriptions

Members can earn or buy hi Dollars. Earn by interacting with hi daily — for example by answering a daily question, or by referring your friends.”

You can view the current price of the $HI token here on Coinbase.

Simply install the app on your mobile device (download here), and on the top right corner of the app, you just need to answer one poll question and earn one $HI token in exchange! You are able to do this once a day.

This is a very easy way to earn crypto with little work! Do this every morning when drinking your morning coffee or reading up on the news!



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