Crypto News You May Or May Not Have Heard About — Issue #7

As we see more large brands/companies enter the crypto space, it is always an excellent sign for the future of cryptocurrency. That being said, this will be a weekly series that accumulates a variety of crypto and NFT related news that you may or may not have heard about. Let’s get started!

NFT Vending Machine

The world’s first NFT vending machine has been made by an NFT marketplace, Neon. Neon is on the Solana blockchain and I have to say this is an extremely smart marketing play. This vending machine is open for use in New York and is located here: 29 John St. in New York, NY. The way this machine works is that the vending machine dispenses a code which can be used on the Neon marketplace to redeem an NFT, pretty cool stuff!

Ukraine has raised almost $20million in Crypto Donations

In the fight between Russia and Ukraine, we saw Ukraine post a Tweet regarding donations and within just 24 hours, it has been reported that the number in donations has almost hit $20million!

Coinbase x Ledger

Coinbase has recently released support for Ledger devices with Coinbase Wallet. They have also released a partnered Ledger device with Coinbase branding located on the device. This is a limited edition device which you can purchase here.

Manchester City and Sony Team Up to Build the FIRST Stadium in the Metaverse

A very interesting partnership between the soccer team, Manchester City and electronics company Sony. Their plans on building the world’s first stadium in the metaverse is exciting news as we see more and more news on the expansion of the metaverse.

We are seeing lots of exciting news in the crypto space, hope to see you guys in next weeks issue!

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