Crypto News You May Or May Not Have Heard About — Issue #3

As we see more large brands/companies enter the crypto space, it is always an excellent sign for the future of cryptocurrency. That being said, this will be a weekly series that accumulates a variety of crypto and NFT related news that you may or may not have heard about. Let’s get started!

Solana integration within Opensea?

The biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea, has been reported to add NFTs on the Solana blockchain soon and integrate support for Phantom Wallet, the most popular SOL wallet. This is HUGE news. The addition of SOL NFTs on Opensea will drive up demand and popularity of new and old SOL projects. Very very exciting news!

Lamborghinis NFT Project

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Another week, another car manufacturer entered the NFT space, it seems. Not too much news just yet about the details of this project, but one keeping an eye out on. It looks like this project will have a physical item that can be redeemed.

“What I was interested in by creating this project is the intersection between the digital and the physical world,” Oefner says. “… In both cases, there is metamorphosis from the physical to the digital world.”

McDonalds Job Application on OpenSea

This week, a story on the funnier side, we saw someone make their own McDonalds job application NFTs. You can view the collection on OpenSea. Note that McDonald did not release this, but a random third party. This just caught some people’s attention and currently has a volume of 25.2 ETH, which always gives you a laugh.

“Is ETH sinking? Can’t you afford to live? We got you! Apply for your dream 9 to 5 McDonald’s job now with our application.”

Bud Light NEXT NFT

Bud Light recently introduced their new “zero-carb” beer and in addition to that their own NFT project! This project features 12,722 generative tokens and

Tokens holders have access to exclusive benefits including voting rights on future initiatives (like brand merch), rewards, and surprises.”

Mint begins February 6th, and will be sold at a flat price of $399. I assume this means that they will take credit card payment for their project. Pretty cool!

Bugatti x Asprey NFT

“Combining centuries of heritage, the collaboration of two superlative luxury brands originating from France and Great Britain sees the meeting of masters of their craft who have perfected their skills and innovative methods over multiple centuries.

From one of one to limited edition objets d’art, with NFT’s, it’s a chance to own a piece of history made by Asprey’s world-renowned artisans. The Asprey digital studio is a state-of-the-art NFT gallery and visualization studio located at Asprey’s flagship store and workshop in London.”

Another car NFT project but this one has gotten quite a bit of attention. Currently it is “by invitation only”, you can apply via their website (10 days left). The application doesn’t cost anything, it may be worthwhile to fill it out to get invited.

Reddit Testing NFT Avatars

Rumours have been spread, noting that Reddit has begun developing and interested NFT avatars for their platform. It seems like Twitter’s NFT profile picture movement has started some domino effect as we start hearing more and more NFT profile picture addition for many social media platforms.

We are seeing lots of exciting news in the crypto space, hope to see you guys in next weeks issue!

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