Console Reselling…Why Have You Not Started?

The console reselling scene has not slowed down one bit since it’s inital release in November 2020. With constant storages and Christmas coming up, if you have not gotten into this space yet I have to urge you to at least take a look. I have said it once and I will continue to say this: reselling is the best side hustle and as of now consoles are at the heart of reselling. Especially now with most sites having a good bit of bot protection, you should not have any issue getting your hands on these as long as you have the right information and quick fingers!

To put the potential profits on these consoles in perspective, you can easily make $200+ on each console you sell. Especially now with the holidays approaching, margins are looking to be $300+. For such little work, why would you not get into this?

I’m going to break this article into a few parts to make it easier to understand for beginners so let’s get started!

What Consoles Should I Be Looking Out For?

  1. Xbox Series X Halo Edition | Retail: $550, Resell: $900
  2. PS5 Disc | Retail: $500, Resell: $750-$800
  3. PS5 Digital | Retail: $400, Resell: $700-$725
  4. Xbox Series X | Retail: $500, Resell: $720-$770

So these are the consoles you’re going to be focusing on, the Halo Edition Series X definitely has the strongest margins, however, they are a lot harder to get your hands on. The PS5 Disc and Xbox Series X will be the easiest to get your hands on as they generally have the highest stock across sites.

Note: Resell prices are subject to change, prices may fluctuate depending on when you are reading this article! Please do your own research on the current market!


Note: These sites will be ranked on how easy (in my experience) to get your hands on. Again, may vary person to person, also this will be considering you are going manually not with a bot.

  1. Walmart | PS5 Disc | PS5 Digital | Xbox Series X |Halo Xbox
    * Consider purchasing Walmart+, Walmart recently has done restocks where it is only limited to Walmart+ subscribers. This is a monthly subscription and can be canceled at anytime.
    * Walmart often changes their release type, before it was FCFS, then they had a human verification button that you had to hold, now it is queue based where you join the line and if you got a good time you are able to purchase.
    * Within the past month, I have had the most success on Walmart hands down, yes there is a big factor of luck but overall should be good. However, if they change their system or hold this system for too long, I am sure bots will be able to take over again where then it will be next to impossible to secure anything.
  2. BestBuy | PS5 Disc | PS5 Digital | Xbox Series X | Halo Xbox | PS5 Bundles | Xbox Bundles
    * Consider purchasing BestBuy Total Tech Membership, a little bit pricer than Walmart+, but just like Walmart+, BestBuy has recently made a lot of their restocks limited to just Total Tech Members.
    * Bestbuy also has a queue based release system, so just like Walmart it is very luck based.
    * Bestbuy is store pickup only! Sometimes you will have to drive out a bit and depending on where you live it might be annoying to drive out to pick it up.
    * Previously a few bots have been able to perform really well on BestBuy, however, recently it seems to have slowed down a bit. BestBuy is still viable for manual users luck will play a big part.
  3. Target |PS5 Disc | PS5 Digital | Xbox Series X | Halo Xbox
    * In-store pick up only
    The general release times are 6:00am-8:00am EST, so for those in the west coast it will be a headache to stay up for.
    * Recently they haven’t been restocking much, but when they do and you’re up it is a pretty smooth buy.
  4. Amazon | PS5 Disc | PS5 Digital | Xbox Series X | Halo Xbox
    * Not too consistent with releases
    * They often restock via Treasure Truck, I would sign up for their text notifications
    * Decently easy manual cop for when they do
    * FCFS
    * Usually quick to ship
  5. Costco |PS5 Bundles | Xbox Bundles | Halo Xbox
    * No direct links will be provided as the product page goes away
    * You obviously will need a Costco membership to purchase
    * If you are quick enough, the website is generally really smooth and you can checkout with ease
    * All their releases are in a bundle style, profit margins might be cut a bit. Just sell the extra items separately.
    * Very inconsistent drop times and limited stock.
  6. Sams Club | Xbox Bundles | PS5 Bundle
    * Need Sams Club Membership
    * Very similar to Costco, refer to Costco Notes for this as well.

OTHER SITES — Personally in my opinion not as easy to cop from.

1. Gamestop
Site is always trashed

2. Microsoft
Main reason is that bots are the only way to cop now, near impossible for manual user

3. Mynavyexchange
*Not a bad site, just that it is limited to military members

Where to Find Information on Drops

So now with the basics covered, you’re going to want to know where to find out when all these drops happen and also may be able to get some help from more experienced people when it comes to reselling.

Discord Groups:

So to preface this part, generally you will be paying a monthly subscription for these groups. It is not necessary to be in these groups, they just might have more/quicker information than Twitter AT TIMES. Also, with these groups you are not just paying for console information, you generally will also be getting a variety of other information on sneakers, collectibles, loops, deals, etc. This may be useful to some, but not for others, DYOR! Here are some of my favorites:

You can also visit Disboard and be able to find some free groups or beta groups.

Note: The groups mentioned above are just my personal picks, there are many other groups out there that might benefit you more. Also, these groups are all limited in that you will have to wait for a restock in order to purchase a membership and gain access to their information.


These are a few Twitter account I would recommend following, they usually all will notify you right when there is a restock. Sometimes each are on and off so I would recommend following all the account as some are quicker than others every once in a while.

If you are someone brand new to this, I would recommend starting with just the Twitter accounts as they are generally very quick and with just the quick info they put out, should be a good step forward.

Where to Sell

Console Cashouts are by far the easiest and quickest way to sell your consoles. I would recommend to go this route if you don’t want to meet in person or just not familiar with selling items locally. I have an article I wrote all about that here:

Aside from cashouts, I would definitely recommend selling locally — OfferUp and FaceBook Marketplace-these can often net you more profit than cashouts, especially with the holidays coming up soon. When meeting anyone locally please be careful and protect yourself. Meet in a public area, don’t go too late at night, be smart.

Alright, I hope this gives a good overview on console reselling and hopefully will get some of you guys reading this into it! This is definitely a huge area that I’m very bullish in and believe that you should get into to make some extra cash!



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