Console Cash-Outs, Why You Should Get Started.

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With the rise of consoles still very prominent today, as a reseller you should definitely utilize the different tools available correctly.

As hard as they might seem to be to get, getting them manually is defintely doable at a small quantity. If you are worried about not being able to sell your console locally or too scared to sell on a marketplace, console cash-outs are your way to go!

I’m going to give a list of a few popular cash-out services all based within Discord:

1. Cashout Kings

This is one of the oldest and I would say most popular cash-out company within the realm. With over 13,000 members in their Discord, and thousands of vouches this is one of the best cash-out services out there. I have also personally used their services and can say that it is a very easy and smooth process, highly recommended.


  • Popularity and trust
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Offers price match with other cash-out services
  • Provides free labels
  • Multiple local drop-off zones throughout the US
  • Other products available aside from consoles
  • Offers dropshipping cash-outs as well


  • Sometimes payouts gets very backed up with a large influx of cash-outs

2. Maxy’s Cashout

Another very large cash-out company, with almost 10,000 members within it’s Discord. Overall, this is a great server for many items alongside of consoles with a great service system in place.


  • Provides free labels
  • Offers sports card cash-outs
  • Very quick support
  • Local drop-off for LA
  • Plenty of vouches


  • Does not have a lot of drop-off locations

3. #1 Console Cashout

This is a newer cash-out company to me, however, I have heard positives reviews from customers. A pretty decently sized Discord group, and a plethora of vouches, I would also keep these guys in mind when checking out console cash-out prices with decently competitive prices.


  • Mulitple local drop-off zones within the US
  • Decent variety of other products aside from consoles
  • Cool rewards program
  • Free shipping labels provided
  • Might be able to negotiate prices


  • Doesn’t seem like a huge group
  • I personally don’t like seeing different advertisements within the group

In conclusion, if you haven’t heard about these companies yet, I would highly recommend checking them out. I’m almost certain that you will be able make some quick cash with these cash-out companies!




Student — Entrepreneur — Writer

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Student — Entrepreneur — Writer

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