Air Jordan 5 ‘Alternate Bel Air’

The Air Jordan 5 ‘Alternate Bel Air’ is releasing on SaturdayAugust 15th for a retail price of $190. The Jordan 5 collection is a huge fan favorite, with the previous shoe that came out being the Alternate Grapes. We’ve seen a few 5’s this year including the Fire Reds and Top 3s. The Bel Air have a very interesting color blocking with a white upper and and purple bottom.

These will release on Footsites (Footlocker, Champs, FootAction, EastBay), Nike SNKRS, and other independent retailers at 10:00am. If you are going manual, I would recommend going for Footsites and SNKRS as on there you will have a higher chance of success.

There is actually quite some hype around these shoes, being the alternate color of the original Bel Airs. This was also seen with the Alternate Grapes that came out a few weeks ago. This hype is great for the resell market and helps compensate for the high stock numbers these shoes carry.

In general Jordans won’t perform too well without a collaboration except for the Retro 1 Highs. It is going to be the same case with the Alternate Bel Airs, however, it is still a cop. These are not super limited shoes, but they will sell out. If we take a look at the Alternate Grapes, they are around $230-$240 resell wise. Price will not fluctuate very much with these so I would recommend selling as soon as possible. These are hovering around $270 resell as they are not yet released to the general public. I see these doing about the same as the Alternate Grapes, maybe just a little better.

Selling locally is going to be your best bet with these, that way you can avoid a lot of fees. I would try to cop as many as possible and just sell them locally.

If you are going for these on Saturday, I wish you luck on copping! Please keep in mind that these are all my predictions with facts that happened in the past. I cannot predict the resell market, just because I say these will do well does not mean they will.




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Student — Entrepreneur — Writer

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